2016 Winner Team Penrose

Sian McLennan, Deanne Te Ao, Sanela Dzubar

In the highly demanding and highly competitive world of industrial temping it’s a real challenge to get things perfect. There are many factors that have to come together to ensure that the client has the right people arriving on time and productivity is maintained.

It requires a high degree of preparation, communication and a commitment to following up at all times.

The Penrose team has demonstrated all of these things and when it came to a review with a key client they we given a perfect score….

  • Take and fill all vacancies with agreed timeframes – 10/10
  • Place quality staff – 10/10
  • Pre-onsite induction – 10/10
  • Onsite induction process – 10/10
  • Site visits – 10/10
  • Audits – 10/10
  • Regular account review meetings (monthly) – 10/10

An impressive review so we give 12 out of 10 to Deanne, Sian and Sanela from our Penrose team for their commitment to the Enterprise values.

2015 Winner Claire Lowe

Claire joined Enterprise as part of a nine week internship to complete her Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). From day one Claire impressed the team with her positive, outgoing approach, her ability to build relationships, and her initiative.

It became apparent that Claire was a “must have” and she was offered a permanent role as a Candidate Manager for the IT Recruitment Division. In this field she had learn about a vast array of software development technologies very quickly so she could have credible conversations with clients and candidates.

Claire has shown the ability to engage with people, locally and internationally, quickly building friendly and cooperative partnerships. She is equally effective with clients often dealing with technical senior managers.

During her time with Enterprise Claire has put our Expert, Partnership and Responsive values into practice day in day out. In winning the award examples noted included how she has turned redundancy situations around for candidates quickly, finding them new opportunities when they needed them most. Likewise she has assisted many IT.

2014 Winner Deb Brockie

Values – Expert, Responsive, Straight-up & Honest, Partnership

Deb from our Lower Hutt office was the first annual Dependables winner in March 2014, having won the first monthly award in April 2013. At the time we had a short term resource issue due to rapid growth in our Wellington business. Deb received two nominations acknowledging her great work during this period:

Nomination One

Deb lives all four of our Values – and we’ve really had to depend on her. The Lower Hutt branch has been short staffed due to recent growth. For the last month she’s been doing three people’s jobs and has been on call most of the time.

Her commitment and selflessness are second to none, and her sense of humour has kept the branch in good spirits. Without her hard work there would’ve been some serious headaches. She’s also brought on new clients, not to mention building great relationships with our existing clients.

Nomination Two

Deb lives all of our Values every day. During our recent staff shortage she was on call 24/7 and works so hard to ensure our clients get quality candidates and Expert service. She is Straight-up & Honest and one of the most dedicated people I have ever met. Without a doubt she has pulled us through a challenging time. You can always depend on Deb to never give up and continue to rock the Industrial side of the business!